My name is Iris and I’ve had this little corner of the internet since 2013, but I’m just now really starting this blog here in 2021.  Life has been busy, as it always is! Since 2013, I’ve taught as a Special Education teacher for 6 years, got a puppy, got married, bought a house and had a little baby boy. Life has been put in so much perspective being a mom. It’s lovely and it’s hard!

Currently, I’m on my second year as a stay-at-home mom. The first year I took off to watch my little one grow in his first year. This past school year I stayed at home due to COVID. I’m hoping to apply for jobs soon, and go back to work in August! It all depends on if I can find a position and if I’m feeling comfortable with where the pandemic is at.

Since my son was born I spoke to him in French on and off. I’m 1/2 French, my dad is from the French island of Martinique. I have my minor in French, and studied abroad in France and taught there as a teacher assistant for a school year. I wouldn’t consider myself fluent, but an advanced learner of the French language. I adore anything French, and I’m excited to share the language with my young son. I’ll share activities and resources for teaching French at home to a young child. I’m experienced with Early Childhood Education, but teaching a second language is something I am new at.

Excited to share and learn from this fun journey with my little guy!



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