Starting Motherhood

Well, it’s been 6 years since I started Iris’s corner. I did just that, start it. When I first thought about starting a blog, I had so many ideas. I thought of creating a resource website for Special education teachers, a traveling review blog, a place to feature some of my photography, and much more. But sometimes you make a grandiose list, and it can seem so overwhelming that you either don’t know where to start or you start it and don’t know how to continue. If you’re anything like me, you want to do all the things and experience all the experiences. But that is literally impossible. So, what I’ve learned the past 6 years is that prioritization and living in the moments are what makes life enjoyable and beautiful. Really, I would say I learned it the last 8 months by becoming a mother. 

On February 27th at 3:52 pm, I started this wonderful journey called motherhood. Each day from then, I get to hold my baby boy, look in to his eyes and just feel the moment and love radiate between us. I observe. I observe how his hair bounces as he attempts to stand from a seated position. I see his curious expression as he purses his lips and he looks at a small bottle of saline solution on the side table. I hear his joyful ooos and calls as he reaches for previously mentioned bottle. I feel his gentle and soft grip as he holds on to me. These are my favorite moments.

I want to continue to bask in these moments everyday. Even when it seems too busy or overwhelming I want to try my best to pause and just BE in that moment.  This is my hope, and I want to use this format to help me do just that.

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